Brown Sugar Fragrance Oil with the scent of brown orchid flowers and sugar, blended with hints of vetiver, provides a strong fragrance that fills large spaces, perfect for shops and cafes.


Brown Sugar oil combines natural beauty with aromatic elegance, with a scent of brown orchid flowers, warm sugar notes, and earthy vetiver, creating an atmosphere of luxury and hospitality, perfect for enhancing the overall ambiance in shops and cafes. It can be used with all types of vaporizing diffuser devices, completely safe and certified by international organizations.

  • Scent: Brown orchid flowers, sugar, vetiver.
  • Strength: Strong fragrance.
  • Ideal for large commercial spaces.
  • Compatible with all types of diffusers.
  • IFRA certified: Ensures safety and quality.
  • Long-lasting: Its unique scent continues, filling spaces with warmth and allure.
Additional information
  • Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Versatility

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1. What are the benefits of different aroma oils?

Lavender promotes relaxation, peppermint enhances focus, eucalyptus aids respiratory health, and tea tree has antimicrobial properties. Each oil offers distinct therapeutic benefits.

2. How to use aroma oils safely?

Fill the diffuser with our aroma oil according to the machine's capacity, which may vary by model. Ensure proper ventilation during use. Direct contact with skin or eyes should be avoided, and the oils should not be ingested.

3. Can water be added  Dr. Scent oils?

Water cannot be added to Dr. Scent Aroma oils , it is ready to be used directly in the diffusers


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