About Us

Dr. Scent: Pioneers in Aromatherapy, we bring the art of scent into every space,crafting unforgettable fragrance experiences with a touch of innovation and luxury.

Our Story

Founded in 2003, Dr. Scent embarked on a journey to revolutionize the world of fragrances. Our passion for unique and high-quality scents has driven us to constantly innovate and expand. From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a brand synonymous with excellence in both home and commercial scenting solutions. Our journey reflects a commitment to enhancing everyday experiences through the power of scent.


To be the global leader in scent solutions, revolutionizing how businesses and individuals experience and interact with aromas.


To enhance environments through innovative and bespoke scent solutions, enriching lives and elevating experiences in every space we touch.


Driven by innovation and quality, we commit to eco-friendly practices and customer-centric solutions, upholding integrity in every aspect of our business.

Global Presence

Our Journey

1. Founding (2003):

A Fragrant Beginning: Dr. Scent began as a dream to bring unique, high-quality scents into everyday life. Starting with a dedicated team, the journey was all about exploring the art and science of fragrance.

2. Growth and Expansion (2008):

Widening Our Scent Horizon: By 2008, Dr. Scent expanded its reach, moving to a larger facility to meet growing demand and introducing new, innovative scent solutions to a wider audience.

3. Signature Line Launch (2013):

A Decade of Scents: Celebrating a decade in business, 2013 marked the launch of our signature home fragrance line, becoming a hallmark of quality and a top choice among customers.

4. Entering Commercial Scenting (2016):

Scenting Spaces: In 2016, we diversified into commercial scenting, providing bespoke fragrance solutions for businesses, and cementing our place in both home and commercial markets.

5. Global Presence (2019):

Global Fragrance Footprint: Dr. Scent's unique aromas reached an international audience by 2019, establishing a presence in multiple countries and broadening our scent influence.

6. Sustainability Focus (2022):

Eco-Friendly Innovations: Embracing a sustainable future, 2022 saw the introduction of an eco-friendly product line, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

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