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Dr.Scent is the right choice for a wide range of olfactory circumstances.
As well as being used to create positive brand experiences, scent marketing can be used to mask unpleasant odours. This is particularly useful for business that work with materials such as tobacco, pungent foods, and chemicals which give off an unpleasant smell. It can also be of great use to business that are situated in closed areas with great humidity, or in close proximity to waste.



  • Unpleasant odors from sewage, ventilation areas and humidity
  • Using materials emit bad odors like chemicals, tobacco, garbage and food …etc.
  • Crowded areas with bad smells like sweating, cocking, smoking, wastage …etc.
  • Closed areas with humidity and no ventilation
  • Businesses that may have bad odors due to the materials and work components.
  • Our case studies have proven that we can solve all odour-related issues by using our high-tech devices, in conjunction with our wide range of specially formulated scents and fragrances.


A premium scent experience in a premium environment.


A very powerful new brand dimension.


Elevated productivity and satisfaction within the work space.


A calming effect, leading to satisfied customers.


Masking unpleasant odours with a pleasant scent which has an energising effect.

Car Showrooms

Enriches the display experience by engaging all the senses.

Worship places

Special fragrances for Holy places to aid in the creation of a sacred atmosphere.


Added value for every occasion with a scent that enhances the feeling of the event.


Creation of a relaxing, clean, and calming environment.

Bars and nightclubs

A more energetic and engaging night-life experience.

Airports and airlines

A calming influence with subtle hints of the incredible destinations to come.


Transforming a house into a home with scents that are sophisticated, calming, and enhance the mood of your dwelling.