Throughout rigorous research & development, coupled with over a decade of experience, we have achieved incredible feats in our field:

Scent is a powerful sense,
and can evoke strong memories and emotions. Used properly, it can add a new dimension to brand identity, ensuring an unrivalled customer experience.
Sale increment
The right scent can create an atmosphere in which your customer’s feel more relaxed, and attuned to the values of your business, resulting in increased sales.
Enhanced productivity
Similarly, scent can be used to create an environment in which your employees are more alert, energised, and satisfied, leading to greater productivity.

Dr. Scent can transform your business by engaging with a powerful sense,

adding a new dimension to your brand.

Case studies overview
Charts below show the latest research and Dr.scent customer satisfaction survey results
Brand Identity Enhancement
Sale Increment
Productivity Improvement
Dr.Sent Customer Satisfaction 2017