Ds Eco Diffuser Machine

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The Stylish Air Freshener Which Keeps Your Home Fresh, Enjoy Long-Lasting Fragrance With Ds Eco's Top-Performing Diffuser:

  • Easy to control with Bluetooth connection, giving you a smart life
  • Made with high-quality aluminum alloy and acrylic material for durability and elegance
  • Easy installation with screw-free design and back repair windows for customer maintenance
  • Conveniently removable essential oil bottle for quick and hassle-free oil replacement
  • Elevates the ambiance of any space with long-lasting fragrance
  • Large atomization and silent spray core for quiet operation
  • Covers up to 600 cubic meters of space, making it ideal for larger areas
  • Compatible with HVAC systems, allowing for seamless integration into your home or office
  • Energy-efficient with only 6.5W power consumption
  • Comes in two colors (white and black) to match your home or office interior